What do you think about talking to TFF and merging them to us? I've checked a bit over the last two weeks, and in my opinion we could have 25-35 free slot for them. Now we have 6 free slots, and we have 8 inactive (7d+) people now, that we should kick away, as well as 3 farm accounts that we should move to second alliance. There are also a few more people to verify and probably move them to second alliance. We have some people who do not participate in the life of the alliance and who also make small or very small weekly donations to the alliance. At least 10 people make low weekly donations (100k-200k per week), and 8 people make very low donations (less than 100k per week). In my opinion we should move these 18 people to the second alliance. If they catch up with their activity, they will be able to return if there will be some free slots in the main alliance. This way we would have a place for everyone from TFF, because there are certainly less active or inactive people there too. TFF also has an alliance for their farm accounts, which they could merge into our second alliance.