macro(1, "Blessing", function() say("!bless", delay(10000)) end) local hpPercent = 90 macro(50, "faster healing", function() if (hppercent() <= hpPercent) then say(storage.HealText) end end) addTextEdit("HealText", storage.HealText or "NAZWASPELLA", function(widget, text) storage.HealText = text end) local manaId = 238 local manaPercent = 80 macro(200, "faster mana potting", function() if (manapercent() <= manaPercent) then usewith(manaId, player) end end) function newAttackItem(parent) local panelName = "newAttackItem" if not parent then parent = panel end local ui = g_ui.createWidget("DualScrollItemPanel", parent) ui:setId(panelName) if not storage[panelName] then storage[panelName] = { item = 3155, min = 10, max = 80 } end ui.title:setOn(storage[panelName].enabled) ui.title.onClick = function(widget) storage[panelName].enabled = not storage[panelName].enabled widget:setOn(storage[panelName].enabled) end ui.item.onItemChange = function(widget) storage[panelName].item = widget:getItemId() end ui.item:setItemId(storage[panelName].item) local updateText = function() ui.title:setText("" .. math.max(200, (storage[panelName].min)*50) .. "ms at " .. storage[panelName].max .. "% hp") end local repeatTime ui.scroll1.onValueChange = function(scroll, value) storage[panelName].min = value updateText() end ui.scroll2.onValueChange = function(scroll, value) storage[panelName].max = value updateText() end ui.scroll1:setValue(storage[panelName].min) ui.scroll2:setValue(storage[panelName].max) macro(200, function() local target = g_game.getAttackingCreature() if not target then return end if storage[panelName].enabled and hppercent() <= storage[panelName].max then useWith(storage[panelName].item, target) delay(math.max(200, storage[panelName].min*50)-200) end end) end newAttackItem() macro(10, "UE SPELL", function() local whitelist = {"Boski Zydowski"} local isSafe = true; local specAmount = 0 for i,mob in ipairs(getSpectators()) do if (mob:isPlayer() and player:getName() ~= mob:getName() and not table.find(whitelist, mob:getName())) then isSafe = false; end if (getDistanceBetween(player:getPosition(), mob:getPosition()) <= 7 and mob:isMonster() and not table.find(whitelist, mob:getName())) then specAmount = specAmount + 1 end end if (specAmount >= 1 and isSafe) then say(storage.ue) elseif (specAmount >= 1 and not isSafe) then say( end end) UI.TextEdit(storage.ue or "exevo mas san", function(widget, text) storage.ue = text end) UI.TextEdit( or "exori con", function(widget, text) = text end) newAttackItem() local itemsIds = {3302, 3392, 3386, 7402, 3428} local sellerItemId = 651 macro(1000, "Sell items", function() for i, id in pairs(itemsIds) do local item = findItem(id) if item then useWith(sellerItemId, item) end end end) macro(1, "Cast ON", function() say("!cast on", delay(1200)) end) macro(1, "haste", function() say("utani gran hur", delay(25000)) end)