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                         Part 2: Fix this problem and restore SERP for above keywords as it was before Jan 1, 2024. Once you identify the issue, please propose and execute the solution that fixes the rankings for these 6 important keywords via a verifiable process to what it was before, to their original rankings i.e. #3 or #4.

Payment Offer:
Payment for Part 1: $100 We can pay you $100 to investigate and identify the issue,
Payment for Part 2: $1000 We pay you $1000 when the SERP’s are restored to its original position. Fixing the problem means that rankings for these 6 important keywords (mentioned above) are restored to their original rankings i.e. #3 or #4 by your efforts via verifiable sources and the solutions implemented by you, and not by Google automatically fixing the algorithm or any other outside factor.

Please note, if you investigate the issue, identify the cause of it, and are unable to fix the problem i.e. not able to restore the rankings for these above 6 important keywords to their original rankings of #3 or #4 by your efforts, then we will only pay $100.

The $1000 pay is ONLY in case you are able to restore the SERP back to its position prior to Jan 1, 2024.

Here is the SOW with Screenshots: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CzH76GEa6UF9_5gIgakVRgWWNcsbZ8LaV8NJyE5d6Pc/edit?usp=sharing
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